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1 PCC = 0.067 ETH
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About PCC project

We developed advanced platform for adult entertainment services, known as PCORN platform. Now two services already launched live on PCORN platform. These are streaming web site and PCorn Android App. Hundreds of thousands people around the world already using our services.

We are team of professionals, who believe in great future of advanced entertainment services for adults.

We believe, that adult entertainment services should be and will be at the cutting edge of technologies as 4K and 8K video content, 3D and Holographic video, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) and even more not yet known directions.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency is one of such technologies. We are, PCORN, is the first live adult entertainment project, with live products, but not just promises, which will be integrated with blockchain technology. Blockchain technology to be integrated into PCORN platform and all its services, including web site and PCorn Android App. We are issuing PCC coins (tokens), a cryptocurrency, which will be accepted as payment currency for PCORN services, free traded at exchanges, and furthermore PCC will be accepted by others adult entertainment services providers.

With employment of blockchain technology and launching PCC coins, all our users will gain new level of privacy, confidentiality and security protection of their money while using adult services.

About PornCorn PCC Coin

Current price of PCC coins is 0.067 ETH per 1 PCC. You can pay PCC for content at website In this case 1 PCC will be accepted as 1.2 USD

PCC ICO Ethereum Contract Address

To invest and buy PCC coins, please send your ETH to the following address of PCC ICO Ethereum smart contract:


Starting PCORN project

Development of proprietary video streaming core. Proof of concept for the high load services

from August
to October, 2015
from November
to December, 2015

Visual design for PornCorn web-site and Mobile App

Development of video streaming core for PORNCORN. Development of Web Front End for PornCorn.Video and system back office interfaces

from January
to May, 2016
May, 2016

Site Launched Live

Porncorn.Video launched in public internet

Integration with European payments gateway for accepting VISA and MasterCard

from June
to July, 2016
from August
to December, 2016

Mobile App Live

Development and launching PCORN Mobile App for Android

Launched PORNCORN Telegram Bot. We was one of the first adult bots at Telegram

January, 2017
February, 2017

PORNCORN Android App listed at MiKandi store and successfully attracted new users

Additional developments and SEO for web-site and mobile app

from March
to July, 2017
from July
to September, 2017

Preparation of ICO for PORNCORN project. Analisys of blockchain integration

ICO completed

ICO for PORNCORN project. Get ready to make PORNCORN one of the best adult networks

from September
to November, 2017
from July, 2018
to August, 2018

PORNCORN tokens PCC is listed at international cryptocurrency exchanges. People can trade PCC tokens at exchanges

PCC accepted for payments

Integrating Blockchain technology into PORNCORN web-site, and mobile application. Accept PCC tokens for payments. Launching PornCorn App for iOS

from February, 2018
to September, 2018
from October
to December, 2018

Launching Internet media portal and mobile App with articles, interviews, news, events for adults

Launching of payments in PCC to PornCorn users who uploaded quality content. Launching of live Video-streaming services. Launching VR content

from December, 2018
to February, 2019
from May, 2019
to September, 2019

Launching PORNCORN Adult Studio production of own exciting and unique adult content. Launching Online Shop with exciting branded adult stuff

Mass marketing and expansion of PORNCORN network. Obtaining significant adult entertainment market share

from Septemebr, 2019
to December, 2019
from January, 2020
and further on...

Starting new streams of businesses in adult entertainment industry

PCC Details

General information about PCC coin (tokens)

Token Logo:
PornCorn PCC ICO Small Logo
Token Name:
PornCorn Token
Token Symbol:
PCC contract address:
Token standard:
Ethereum LogoEthereum ERC20 compatible
Token Decimals:
Total PCC issued:
32,687,975.58 PCC
Initial price:
0.0002 ETH per 1 PCC token

DISCOUNTS for Early Buyers

Early buyers can enjoy following discounts:

50% discount
first 72 hours, 1 PCC price is 0.0001 ETH
30% discount
next 7 days, 1 PCC price is 0.00014 ETH
15% discount
next 14 days, 1 PCC price is 0.0017 ETH
10% discount
next 14 days, 1 PCC price is 0.00018 ETH
5% discount
next 14 days, 1 PCC price is 0.00019 ETH
No discounts (0%)
final 10 days, 1 PCC price is 0.0002 ETH
1 PCC price is 0.067 ETH (NOW)

PCC tokens allocation

PCC tokens allocation
60% (max 600,000,000 tokens) - for public sale
10% (max 100,000,000 tokens) - for Partners and Advisors
25% (max 250,000,000 tokens) - Owners and Team options
5% (max 50,000,000 tokens) – is reserved and to be used later for advertising and promotion

PCC coin sale dates


How you can use PCC coins

Tokens circulation at exchanges

Within one month after ICO end date, PCC token will be listed at least on 6 online exchanges for free market circulation, including exchanges in China and Europe with good reputation.

PornCorn services discounts

All holders of PCC tokens will be able to pay for PornCorn subscriptions and services at PornCorn WEB site and mobile application (Apple iOS and Android) with exclusive discounts from 30% to 60% (!!!) comparing to regular PornCorn service prices in any other fiat currencies (USD, RMB, EUR, etc.) and crypto currencies (BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, etc.).

Goods in PornCorn shop

PornCorn is preparing to open online shop for exclusive adult goods. The goods will contain special design T-shorts, exclusive adult toys, sexy lingerie and adult souvenirs. You can buy all these amazing goods with PCC tokens and from 15% to 50% discount to regular price. This will be available after PornCorn platform integration with Blockchain technology and online PornCorn shop launched.

You can sell tokens back to PornCorn later

PornCorn will start buyout program 12 months after the PornCorn product launch. The amount of the PCC tokens buyout program, the price, other terms and conditions should be determined by the Board of Directors of Corn Entertainment Ltd. The buyout initial price will be not less than nominated initial price 0.0002 ETH per one PCC token plus a premium fee to this price.

You can earn PCC tokens by publishing quality content to PornCorn

PornCorn let users to upload its own videos and content to the PornCorn web site. You can upload your quality content, and earn more PCC tokens from each upload after content validated by our administrators. This will be available after PornCorn platform integration with Blockchain technology.

Attend special private events for PCC in different cities

PornCorn will organize special private events and parties for large holders of PCC tokens. These special private events to be focused on adult entertainment and will be held in different cities and places. The participation conditions will be announced after the ICO completion.


We have very strong team. The team members have wide experience in IT, Software development, Business development and Marketing.

Team members were actively involved in developing of large banking systems and system for mobile and fixed telecom operators. These systems were able to process hundreds of millions transactions per day with 99.999% high availability. Same experience our team brings to adult entertainment industry.

For large investors in PCC (from 350 ETH), when it is requred, we can arrange Skype-intervide with some of team members.

Lung, CEO


Ex Top Manager in several telecommunication and software companies. Launched 3 mobile operator companies. Business consultant. E-MBA, Ph.D.

Lexo, CTO


Project Manager Professional (PMP). Managing large projects in software development, solutions delivery and telecommunications. Software technologies guru

Wong, CCO


Experienced account manager in large companies. Financial and investment consultant. Expert for cryptocurrency markets



Relations with 3rd parties. Legal issues. Public relations



Content administration, content management. Multilanguage translations



Mobile applications development for iOS and Android. Bots development



Development of Web Front End. Expert in JS, TypeScrypt, Python, and tens of hottest modern frameworks for WFE development



Wireframing, Web design, Web development



SEO optimization, promotion, online advertising



Artworks, painting, content collection, content administration


Some of our advisors from 18+/porn industry.

All of advisors are actual famous models, 18+ movie stars.

We also in contact with some producers and directors of 18+ movies.


Katrin Tequila

Model, Actress 18+
“Make porn not war”



Model, Actress 18+
“J'aime la beauté naturelle”

Nataly Gold

Model, Actress 18+
“Do in life what you like!”

Lola Shine

Model, Journalist, Actress 18+
“The life is wonderful!”


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