Now PCC coins sold only at Exchange!

See instruction how to buy PCC coins

at PCC Medium offical channel.

We recommend to use MyEtherWallet: You also can use other wallets, as Mist, MetaMask, Parity, Ethereum Wallet, imToken, and other ERC-20 compatible.

The only valid PCC Ethereum Smart Contract address is: 0xfb7da9863e030495db8b4d067d665fc8433fff85

To view PCC Smart Contract transactions you can use Etherscan website:

If you have any questions or issues please check our FAQ or contact us directly:

Telegram: (@pccicoofficial)
Twitter: (@PornCorn_Video)

PCC is compatible with Ethereum ERC-20 wallets, including:

ethereum wallet parity wallet mist wallet imtoken wallet metamask wallet mew wallet ethereum