How many PCC coins will be sold during ICO?

We will sell up to 600,000,000 PCC tokens. Those of buyers who will hurry up and buy PCC tokens in the beginning of sale, will get larger discounts. Last buyers will buy without discount.

PCC tokens will arrive to your Ethereum address immediately after your payment transaction is processed by Ethereum network.

We recommend to set Gas = 30 GW, and Gas Limit = 85000. This applies to the normal mode of Ethereum network functioning, when no any issues with Ethereum network itself.

NO! You should never send ETH to PCC contract from any of exchanges! If you send ETH directly from exchange, then exchange will receive PCC tokens, but Not you!

You must send ETH to PCC smart contract address from your own Ethereum Wallet. The wallet can be MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity or any other ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet.

We not limit minimum or maximum investment for single buy transaction.

You can sent any amount of ETH to PCC smart contract address. After your buy transaction processed by Ethereum network, you will immediately receive PCC tokens back to your wallet address.

Yes, you can send any quantity of ETH. For example, 50.852 ETH, or 0.57 ETH – all are valid payments. You will receive back the amount of PCC tokens calculated from current sale price.

Any of Ethereum ERC-20 compatible wallets are good for keeping PCC coins (tokens). For example, you can keep PCC tokens at MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity, imToken or any other ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet.

In the wallet software which you use, you should find menu to “Add Token”.

Enter smart contract address “0xfb7da9863e030495db8b4d067d665fc8433fff85”, the token name “PCC” and digits: “18”.

That’s all – now you should see your PCC tokens immediately.

PCC coins (tokens) can be sent to any of Ethereum addresses.

PCC tokens can be sent to any of exchanges, which declared support of PCC tokens. To send PCC tokens you should check instructions of the wallet software which you are using.

We will connect several exchanges for PCC trading during the first month after the ICO end date. And in the following months we are planning to connect more and more exchanges. We understand importance of free circulation of PCC coins (tokens).

You can see the current status of ICO at our official web-site https://pccico.com or in the Telegram Bot https://t.me/PCCicoOfficialBot (@PCCicoOfficialBot)

Yes, USA residents/citizens can participate in PCC ICO without restrictions. Our lawyers confirmed, that PCC token is an utility token and not a security.

Yes, Singapore residents/citizens can participate in PCC ICO without restrictions.

Yes, CHINA residents/citizens can participate in PCC ICO without restrictions.

No any restrictions. Everyone who have ETH and own Ethereum wallet can buy PCC tokens.


See information about bounty campaign here: (WILL BE ADDED SOON)

All bounty tokens will be distributed during 20 days after ICO end date.

The PCC platform, called PCORN is already developed. Two services already launched life and used by hundreds of thousands people worldwide! So far, we have launched:
https://porncorn.video/ - video streaming web site
https://porncorn.video/android/en/android_app.html - Android Mobile App and Telegram bot.

New services will be launched according to Roadmap, which you can see on our web-site and in Whitepaper.

Currently, our servers are dedicated for Europe, CIS, Middle East and Americas. As soon as we finish ICO, we will launch powerful infrastructure to cover Asian countries, including China and Japan.

The following usage of PCC tokens will have place:
1) You will be able to sell and buy PCC tokens on several exchanges.
2) You can pay any of PornCorn services with substantial discounts
3) You can buy goods in PornCorn shop online
4) You can sell tokens back to PornCorn later, with good premium to initial price
5) You can earn PCC tokens by publishing quality content to PornCorn web site
6) You can attend special private events for PCC in different cities