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Update 23: AIREXE.io exchange committed to list PCC token

We partnered with AIREXE.io - the new very promising large crypto-fiat exchange.

AIREXE agreed to list PCC token from the first day when the exchange will be launched in operation.

AIREXE have very strong and professional team. They are very open and transparent. We really wish then success in their coming ICO, whcich will be started in March, 19, 2018.

PCC news update 22

Update 22: New version 7.4 of PORNCORN Android App released

New version of PORNCORN Android App 7.7 ready and open for downloads and upgrades. You can download and install PORNCORN Android App from here https://porncorn.video/pcorn.apk

If you have previous version of PORNCORN App, you can upgrade it from App Settings->Check for Updates menu. Following changes done in PORNCORN App version 7.7:

1) User can create PCC deposit address
2) Deposit of PCC coins (see screenshot here)
3) Purchasing Premium-subscriptions with PCC coins (see screenshot here)
4) Changed design of Login/Register screen for better understanding (some user complained)
5) Some other minor changes and fixes
PCC news update 21

Update 21: PCC coins now accepted at PornCorn.video

From today PCC coins (tokens) are accepted at PornCorn.video website for purchasing Premium subscriptions and selected videos.

You can deposit PCC coins to PornCorn website and then use it to purchase Premium access. Purchased Premium subscriptions will same way be functioning at PCORN Android App under same your account. Later more meanings of PCC usage will be added.

Please read Manual how to deposit PCC to PornCorn.video website.

PCC news update 20

Update 20: PCORN blog launched at Medium

PornCorn launched its own blog at Medium platform. We will publish new articles about PCORN and PCC in this blog:

PCC news update 18

Update 18: distribution of PCC bounty is completed

This is updated information for qualified participants of PCC ICO bounty campaigns.

We just now finished distribution fo PCC tokens to all qualified participants of PCC ICO bounty campaigns. To see your PCC tokens in the wallets please add PCC token to your wallet. Hint how to add tokens in the wallet is provided on our FAQ page.

PCC news update 17

Update 17: PCC distribution to bounty campaign participants

This is information for qualified participants of PCC ICO bounty campaigns.

Bounty to participants will be calculated during 21-24 November 2017. PCC tokens will be distributed to each and every participant of PCC ICO bounty campaigns within 1 week after bounty calculation is finalized. We expect, that by 30th November 2017 all remunerations to bounty campaigns participants will be paid.

Please, be patient and don't worry much.

PCC news update 16

Update 16: Looking for new partnership

We are in process of negotiation of partnership with one of VR/3D startup company in Asia. Should we succeed, it could be another remarkable service from PCORN.

And, we are looking for new partnership and new ideas. If you have any new ideas for revolutionary services for porn/18+, or you have any product we can partner with, to launch new types of 18+ services, then please contact us over email: info(at)pccico.com

PCC news update 15

Update 15: Nataly Gold at VENUS 2017

Our hot Advisor Nataly Gold is now visiting and performing amazing shows at international adult (18+) Entertainment Exhibition VENUS 2017 in BERLIN.

Exhibition will continue until after tomorrow, 15-October-2017.

See Nataly Gold profile in “Advisors” section at our website PCCICO.com

PCC news update 14

Update 14: Discount 15% will be over tomorrow

Tomorrow, 14 October 2017, discount 15% for purchase of PCC coins will be closed.

Next discount will be 10%. If you are late to invest in PCC coins with 15% discoun, don't be late to invest with 10% discount :) Our PCC assets will only grow...

PCC news upd10-2

Update 12: Not update, but just share ad video with you

We have video ad of our PCORN Android App. Just decided to share it with you :)

PCC news upd10-2

Update 11: Whitepapers in Turkish languages is available

Our bounty hunter translated Whitepaper into TURKISH language. If you like to read Turkish/Turkic, then please download it here:

Original Whitepaper in English can be downloaded here:

PCC news upd9

Update 9: After tomorrow 30% discount is dead

Tomorrow, 30 September 2017, the period of discount 30% for PCC will be over. Next discount for PCC price will be only 20%. Someone still have time to buy good amount of PCC coins and earn few times more (as we believe) after ICO finished.

PCC news upd8

Update 8: Sad issue fixed

One of our users found an unpleasant issue with "COPY" fucntion of PCC contract address. With some of the wallets such way copied address was not accepted as valid address. Now this issue is fixed, and any of Ethereum wallets will accept COPYed address without any issues.

PCC news upd7

Update 7: We revealed one more advisor: Lolla Shine

We open to you information about one more our Advisor, Lolla Shine. Please see in Advisors seacion on main page.

PCC news upd6

Update 6: We are listed at some ICO websites

PCC ICO (PCORN project) get listed at several ICO websites: ICOAlert, ICOList, ICOTime, HubCoin, ICODaily, SerialTV

PCC news upd5

Update 5: Interview with CTO of PCORN project

Someone from russian BitStorm portal recorded an brief-interview with our CTO Lexo (http://bitstorm.ru/pcc-ico-review/). You can use google translator to translate whole interview into your native language.

PCC news upd4

Update 4: Another article about our PCORN project

Today another big article about PCORN project published on ICOTime.ru website (http://icotime.ru/hi-tech-pcorn-ico/). Unfortunately, also don't have english transaltion.

PCC news upd3

Update 3: Article about PCORN (PCC ICO project)

Today big article about PCORN project published in russian-lanuage portal BitStorm.ru (http://bitstorm.ru/novyiy-proekt-pcc-ico/). Unfortunately don't have english transaltion.